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El Hierro Canary Islands

El Hierro. The weather in El Hierro: Weather forecast and temperatures at El Hierro today: Click here!

El Hierro is the smallest island and the population is only around 8000 people.


In recent years, a few hotels have opened on El Hierro. These are all spread over the small island and there are no special tourist destination. Among others, one finds the world's smallest hotel as Guinness Records: Club Punta Grande.

The island of El Hierro, the smallest and most southerly of the Canary Islands, has been declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and 60% of its territory is classed as a protected area. Since 1997, El Hierro has undertaken an ambitious project which means that within a few years it will be self-sufficient in renewable energies, and will thus become the first island in the world to be fully sustainable. It is an ideal destination for visitors who want to make the most of the relaxed atmosphere of its landscape, to discover its important archaeological, cultural and ethnographic heritage, and to go hiking in the beautiful countryside and explore the underwater world of its spectacular crystalline coastal water.

• Surface:  268.71 square kilometers.

• Highest point:  Malpaso, at 1,501 m.

• Protected nature reserves: 7.

- Complete Nature Reserves: Mencafete and Roques de Salmor.
- Special Nature Reserve: Tibataje.
- Natural Monuments: Las Playas.
- Protected Landscapes: Ventejís and Timijiraque.
- Nature Park: Frontera.

• Marine Reserves: Punta de la Restinga- Mar de Las Calmas.

• Biosphere Reserve: The whole island.

• Typical flora: Juniper tree (Juniperus turbinate), Canary Pine, endemic bush (Euphorbia obtusifolia) and plant (Globularia sarcophylla).

• Typical fauna: El Hierro finch, El Hierro giant lizard, grouper fish, dark tailed laurel pigeon (Columba bollii), blue tit (Parus caeruleus).

• Population: 10,558  inhabitants*.

• Capital: Valverde.
The capital of the island of El Hierro is a quiet town surrounded by beautiful rural spaces. It consists of a network of steep narrow streets, whitewashed houses and spacious gardens. The church of Santa María de la Concepción and the building of the Town Hall are two typical examples of traditional Canarian architecture.

• Municipalities: 3/ La Frontera, El Pinar and Valverde.

• Airports: 1/ El Hierro airport.

• Passenger Ports: 1/ Port of La Estaca.

• Yachting marinas: 2/ Port of La Estaca and Port of La Restinga.

• Public hospitals: 1/ Island Hospital Nuestra Señora de Los Reyes.

• Museums: 4/ Ethnographic Museum-House Las Quinteras in Valverde; Information Centre of the Cultural Park El Julan; Handicraft Centre of Valverde; Centre for the Protection of the Giant Lizard and Eco-Museum of Guinea.

• Gastronomy: Local soup, fresh fish, rice with limpets, sun-dried shark strips cooked in sauce, local bean stew with pork, local salad with peaches, cheeses and red and green spicy sauces, served with boiled local potatoes.

• Denominations of origin: 1/ Regulatory Authority of Denomination of Origin El Hierro.

• Public holidays: Procession of the Virgin de los Reyes every four years, Festival of Los Reyes in Los Faroles, Festival in honour of St Simon, and Shrovetide Festival during Carnival.

• Places of interest: Information Centres in Garoé, Viewing points in La Peña. Las Playas and Bascos, Lighthouse of Orchilla, Hermitage of Los Reyes, Forests of Sabinar and Laurel, Rock of La Bonanza, Valley of El Golfo, Sabinosa and Pozo de la Salud.


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