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Festivals on Costa del Sol - Costa del Sol Festival Guide

Costa del Sol Festival Guide - Typical Spanish Festivals and Fiestas on Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain

Festivals Events and Festivities in Fuengirola

The main festivals and festivities in Fuengirola are in October, in honour of its parton saint: La Virgen del Rosario. On July 16 there is a colourful maritime procession in Los Boliches in honour of La Virgen del Carmen. On the night of San Juan in June fires and parties are arranged on the beaches. The music and dance festival Ciudad de Fuengirola or City of Fuengirola Festival, is held in July and August. La Feria Internacional de los Pueblos, a great folk and gastronomic trade fair with over 50 countries from all over the world participating is very popular. The Feria Internacional de los pueblos in Fuengirola is celebrated in April. At the Galician Gastronomy Day in Fuengirola one can try and buy a wide selection of Galician products. The Oktoberfest in Fuengirola is very popular and the Spanish cuisine gives way to German sausages and beer for a few days.

Fuengirola’s magnificent facilities, such as the Sohail castle, Permanent Fairground or the Palacio de la Paz, permit the organisation of a series of important events which ensure all year round entertainment:

Fuengirola International Festival of Music and Dance: The incomparable setting of the Sohail castle is the location for this well-known festival, which is held during the month of July.

The Fuengirola International Trade Fair is held in the Fairground, it consists of a great celebration over four days wherein the culture and traditions of more than 30 countries come together, providing a spectacular exhibition of gastronomy, art and folklore in a relaxed and enriching atmosphere.

Fuengirola Beer Festival. This popular Bavarian festival is also held in the Sohail Castle, spanning 11 days during the months of July and August.

Fuengirola Medieval Market. In this market which takes place in the Sohail Castle over four days in the month of August, you can find all types of attractive products and activities which turn the visit into a travel through time and a stroll around the Spain of the jugglers, the artisans’ guilds, the traditional cuisine, etc9r6v

Fuengirola also offers theatre, concerts, musicals, flamenco, dance and trade fairs, in the Palacio de la Paz, sporting events of diverse disciplines, and an extensive cultural programme, which includes exhibitions, concerts, theatre, dance and workshops.

Festivals Events and Festivities in Istan

The most important event in Istan is the staging of El Paso - The Passion of Jesus Christ in Easter. Almost everyone in Istan participates and the event is declared of national Tourist Interest and Tourist Singularity. In the beginning of September Istan celebrates a cultural week with numerous events including Istan Encuentro Flamenco, a very popular flamenco festival. The yearly festivities in Istan are held on September 29 in honor of the patron saint San Miguel, including a pilgrimage the previous Sunday. The Gastronomic and Orange Day in Istan is celebrated in March or April. This festive event in Istan consists of a recipe contest where all participating recipes includes orange juice a an ingredient and a tapas festival offered by bars and restaurants in Istan.

Festivals Events and Festivities in Malaga City

Malaga has three important events that are wellknown in all Spain. Easter or the Holy Week - Semana Santa. The religious celebrations are spectacular. In august Malaga lives for the festive week La feria de Malaga. Celebrations are all around the city in daytime aand all night long och the fairground outside the city. In spring Malaga comes in the spotlight with Malaga Film Festival. The film festival brings a festive atmosphere to the city centre and especially around Calle Larios.

Festivals Events and Festivities in Manilva

The third weekend in May the pilgrimage of Nuestra Señora la Virgen de Fatima takes place in Manilva. On July 16 the district Castillo de la Duquesa celebrates a festival. On July 26 the Patron Saint of Manilva, Sta. Ana is celebrated. In August with the celebration of San Luis Sabinillas celebrates its big fair with parades on the streets. The traditional vintage fair in September is a classic festivitiy in Manilva.

Every Sunday morning a bustling outdoor market takes place in Sabinillas, Manilva. In August the Manilva town council organizes the Tourist Day, a festival with many performances and celebrations.

Festivals Events and Festivities in Marbella

The local festivities in Marbella are celebrated in June. The celebrations take place in the city centre in the afternoon and evening and on the fairground all night long. On July 16 the fishermen celebrates Virgen del Carmen with a boat parade from Marbella to Puerto Banus. Marbella also celebrates a book fair in August and a beer and tapas festival en Avenida del Mar in the city centre. The Marbella Jazz festival is another popular event on Costa del Sol.

Festivals Events and Festivities in Mijas Las Lagunas and La Cala

Mijas Pueblo celebrates San Juan on June 24 and the local fair from September 7 to september 12. On January 17 Mijas celebrates San Anton and on May 15 San Isidro. Chorpus Christi is celebrated with floral altars on the street. In Las Lagunas the pilmigrage and the Osunillas fair is celebrated and Virgen del Carmen on July 16. La Cala Celebrates the night of San Juan on June 23, Virgen del Carmen on July 16 and the Apostle Santiago in the end of July. The fair of Santa Teresa takes place  on October 15 and 16.

Festivals Events and Festivities in Ojen

Ojen is a small town but where many festivals and events are celebrated. Among the highligts the local fair that is celebrated from October 9 to October 12. On Palm Sunday Ojen offers a living representation of Jesus entering in Jerusalem. In July Ojen lives up with the Festival of Ojen with cultutal events like music, theatre, photography, painting, poetry, film and much more. The Festival de cante flamenco that isheld in Ojen in the beginning of August is the most important event of the year. The Flamenco Festival in Ojen is one of the most prestigious in Spain.

Festivals Events and Festivities in Torremolinos

Torremolinos has a number of very popular festivals. The most well known are probably the Dance Festival and "El Dia del Pescaito", The fried Fish Day, where most of the restaurants in Torremolinos offers free fresh fried fish to locals and tourists. The tourist day is celebrated in Torremolinos in September, previous to the fair of the Patron Saint San Miguel Archangel as is also the "Dia de los Callos" where free typical dishes are served. On July 16 there is a colourful maritime procession in Los Boliches in honour of La Virgen del Carmen. On the night of San Juan in June fires and parties are arranged on the beaches.

Festivals Events and Festivities in San Pedro Alcantara

The most important festival in San Pedro Alcantara is celebrated in October. The fair lasts for six days. Daytime the celebrations are held in the city centre of San Pedro and in night the fiesta continues on the fairground, nort of the city. The festival Mercado de la Villa is held in San Pedro five times a year. When the Mercado de la Villa fair starts the shops in San Pedro displays their products on the streets where locals and visitors also can enjoy a variety of musical performances and theatre. The Mercado de la Villa Festival is held in San Pedro Alcantara in March, June, August and December.

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