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Barcelona Festivals: Festivals Events and Spanish Fiestas in Barcelona

There are festivals and events all year round in Barcelona. Some of the festivals only take place in the city of Barcelona whilst others are celebrated all over Catalonia and some are fiestas that are celebrated all over Spain.

Festes de la Merce: The biggest festival in Barcelona

The biggest festival in Barcelona is absolutely Festes de la Merce or Fiestas de la Merce, which takes place on September 24. Wooden figures are roaming the streets of Barcelona during the festival and fireworks, concerts and performances are all over the city. To celebrate the Festes de la Merce the entrance to the museums in Barcelona are free the same day.

Nit de Sant Joan – Noche de San Juan, that is Midsummer in Barcelona

Midsummer in Barcelona means celebration of Nit de Sant Joan Festival. That is on 23 – 24 June. Midsummer means fireworks and music and the beach in the city of Barcelona is the best place to participate and enjoy the celebrations. All you have to do is to follow the crowd, for sure they are on their way to the Mediterranean seashore to celebrate the magic midsummer night and to watch amazing fireworks over the water.

San Jordi

San Jordi is Barcelona's protector and patron saint. Las Ramblas in the heart of the city is where you should go. That is on April 23rd. Las Ramblas becomes a sea of roses and books: The traditional way to celebrate San Jordi is to give your near and dear a rose and / or a book. Miguel de Cervantes and Shakespeare both died on that day according to many sources, but others insist that Shakespeare really died ten days later than Cervantes. Never mind, the celebration of the San Jordi festival in Barcelona is closely related to literature anyway and what difference does 10 days make when talking about someone who died in 1616?

Festival de Sonar

The Music Festival Sonar takes place in Barcelona in mid June. Sonar is a festival of advanced music and multimedia art that consists of technology fairs during the day and music events by night.


El Grec Arts Festival

El Grec Arts Festival is going on I Barcelona from the end of June and trough August. This is Barcelonas largest music, dance and theater festival. Events are organized allover the city.


Festa Major de Gracia

The festival Festa Major de Gracia is held around Agust 15 in the Gracia neighbourhood. The festival is going on during 7 days and offers party, drinking, music and fireworks. Looking for fiesta in Barcelona? Do not miss this one: Carnival ambiance is all over the streets, in every corner, square and of course in the bars so the Fiesta is guaranteed!


La Diada

La Diada commemorates the fall of Barcelona during the War of Spanish Succession in 1714 resulting in Catalonia losing much autonomy. In 1980 it was officially recognised as Catalonia’s national day when political groups remember those who died in the 1714 siege of Barcelona whilst fighting against the Bourbon army.



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