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Pamplona - Spain

Pamplona Bull Run - Spain's most famous festival: On July 7 Pamplona celebrates the festival San Fermin!

Bull running - Bull race in Pamplona. Spain's most exciting festival is San Fermin: On July 7 the festival San Fermin starts in Pamplona with the world famous bull running and races that lasts for nine days

Pamplona: The streets in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona in Navarre are filled in July every year with bulls and people from all over the world. The celebrations in honour of the saint San Fermin are taking place during nine days and nine nights.

All Spanish towns celebrate their saint once a year, but Pamplona is not like other cities in Spain and has become world famous for its Bull Running Festival with the participation of the public. This fascinating Bull Running Festival in Pamplona is well known worldwide, and it is also a historical event.

Bull running in Pamplona: The Bull Running and the Bull Races in Pamplona were one of Ernest Hemingway's passions. Hemingway's passion for Pamplona and Spain's most famous bull festival, and his presence on several occasions increased the popularity of this unique festival all around the world. A well known bar in Pamplona has a sign that says: Hemingway never was here, in contrast to all the other bars that insists to advertise that they were visited by Ernest Hemingway.

The Festival San Fermin in Pamplona starts on July 6 when a rocket is fired to announce the beginning of the Festivals in Pamplona. But it is on the 7th July when the awaited Bull Festivals and Races in Pamplona really starts.

Early in the morning every day throughout the Festival in Pamplona thousands of white dressed Pamplonicas and Pamploneses, as residents are called, gathers together with thousands of visitors on the streets in the old town in Pamplona waiting for El Encierro. The event El Encierro at is when the bulls runs trough the streets of Pamplona in company of by the crowd. The bull race is from the paddock to the bullring. Most of the bull runners has a rolled up newspaper in their hands. The newspapers are used to call the attention of the bulls during the race. In the afternoon the running bulls participates in the Bullfights or Corridas de Toros that are one of the highlights of the festivities in Pamplona.

The typical dress that just everyone is wearing during the festival in Pamplona is completely white and with a red scarf tied around the neck or the waist. A rolled up newspaper in the hand is also common when the bulls are running on the streets in the centre of Pamplona early in the morning. The newspaper is meant to be an extension of the arm to attract the bull's attention, but with some more distance.

At eight o'clock sharp every morning during the festival in Pamplona eight at least five hundred kilograms bulls of the race Toro Bravo are running on the streets, and behind them six tame bulls follows up to help to control the wild animals. All the bulls are very similar. The race takes 2 or 3 at the same time short and eternal minutes for all those that are running in front of the bulls. Six of the brave bulls - Toros Bravos will participate, and die in the bullfight in the Bullring of Pamplona later in the afternoon.

Every day some persons are wounded, more or less seriously, when Running the Bulls in Pamplona. Deaths in the history of the Bull Festivals in Pamplona are not very many, but the cases hat has happened are often tourists who do not know that some essential rules has to be followed when Running in front of the Bulls in Pamplona. Long party nights and lots of alcohol before Running the Bull Race in Pamplona are one of the big problems that often causes accidents.


Pamplona: Midway between the Pyrenees and the Ebro, Pamplona, the capital of Navarre lay in the path of history. But today, historical monuments are not what its name conjures up. For one week in July, Pamplona is the setting for the world’s biggest outdoor party, when thousands congregate here for the San Fermín fiestas and the running of the bulls. Such is the intensity and frenzied nature of this wild, round-the-clock festival of food, wine and dance, it is hard to believe that for the remaining fifty-one weeks of the year Pamplona is an alluringly serene city. Pamplona is named after the Roman general, Pompey, which gives an indication of how far back into history its roots go. But although Pamplona has its fair share of monuments, its distinguishing feature are its parks and open spaces, some in converted locations such as the porticoed Plaza del Castillo, where bullfights were held until the middle of the last century, or the Ciudadela (citadel), 16th-century fortifications now surrounded by well-tended greenery. Pamplona’s parks and streets are an open invitation for strolling or for joining the townsfolk in one of their favourite pastimes, visiting the taverns and restaurants of the city and sampling some of the rich foods and hearty wines for which the region is famous.




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